Out Of Her Depth


Quick skinny dip in rubble, that’s what one five-year-old had in mind while she played “mermaid barbie.”  Dinner call, she was left for dead.  Still not known how lego-man head played a part in this story…  but he has a cap … and a cap goes a long way.


Playmobil Left For Dead


Acquired: February 2, 2013

Dead: December 17, 2014

Cause of Death: Dismemberment by Golden Retriever


Mr. Playmobil Man had no name, but was loved by many.  His hat was not removable.  His legs, unfortunately, were.  Always a smile on his face.  Ready to shake your hand.  He spent the night out in the rain when greeted with the firm jaw of a Golden Retriever puppy.  He will be missed.  Wedding Guests in Party Tent will never seem the same without Handyman in Hat.